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Top 10 Most Awesome Peter O’Toole Movies

2 September, 2011


Peter Seamus O’Toole (born on 2 August 1932). An Irish actor who entered the turbulent world of celebrity in 1962 with his role in the movie Lawrence of Arabia. He won four Golden Globes, a BAFTA Award and an Emmy. An actor with a magical look. Find out below the best 10 movies with him.

10. Venus

Maurice (Peter O ‘Toole) and Ian (Leslie Phillips) are old friends, veterans of British acting, which never enjoyed success. Now, in “their glory years”, continues to work – Maurice, for example, plays in the role of a patient in a TV drama. But their comfortable rutin and the breakfast jokes at their favorite coffee bar are interrupted by the arrival of Ian’s niece, Jessie (Jodie Whittaker), which comes from the province. She does not waste time and very soon tests her uncle’s patience, but Maurice likes her, and shows her the cultural objectives from London.

09. The Last Emperor

The film is the true story of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi, the last ruler of the Ching Dynasty. The action takes place between 1908 and 1967. Since age 3, he leads a life full of responsibilities and different than that of ordinary children. Held “prisoner” in his own castle, Pu Yi marries Wan Jung, hoping to escape responsibilities. Things evolve, as well as life. Cheating on his wife with several women and during the Second World War is taken prisoner by the Russians. Last year of life finds a job as a gardener and making one last visit to the Forbidden City.

08. My Favorite Year

Made in 1982, the film is one of the best roles of Peter O’Toole, he was, in fact, nominated for an Oscar for this role. Early television, Alan, star of the genre’s decline because Eroll Flynn has serious problems with drinking, is the guest of a show broadcast live. From the first rehearsal, the director and protagonist of the show realize that the former “Defender of the Crown” is unrecoverable, but cannot renounce him as a legend of cinema. A very young writer is soon overcome by the mission to try to prevent him from drinking.

07. The Stunt Man

Cameron, a veteran of the Vietnam War, fleeing police and hiding on a movie set. There he causes the death of a stuntman. Eli Cross, director of the film, gives him a role in the film, rather than pass him to police, believing that Cameron’s combat experience will add realism to the film about the First World War Cameron becomes increasingly close to Nina, heroine of the film, while Eli is becoming increasingly obsessed with methods that can make the movie more realistic. Cameron begins to suspect the director as he wants to take things to extremes.

06. The Ruling Class

A sort of an unsuccessful attempt for a comedy mocking the noble class British manners, immediately after the collapse of the British Empire. Peter O ‘Toole playing the role of a rich heir, English lord, who thinks himself that he return of Jesus Christ on earth, and speaks directly to God as a crazy man. A great movie in which Peter O ‘Toole plays a role of a mad man.

05. Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Remake of the movie with the same name made in 1939 by director Sam Wood, directed by Herbert Ross in 1969, starring Peter O’Toole and Petula Clark. A dull, clumsy and tart not only college professor falls for a vaudeville actress, and takes her to marriage, shocking academics opinion. Bold dressed, cheerful, lively, with a directly compartment, without prejudice, Kate antagonize, and win hearts. Because of her, however, the teacher Chips cannot access its rightful place, as the director of the college.

04. The Lion in Winter

A king has to solve old problems in the past to forge a future for his nation. The year is 1183, and King Henry II, must choose a successor to the throne. Has a choice of three sons – John, Geoffrey and Richard, to lead the British Empire. Henry wants to announce the successor to the throne at a Christmas party, an event which decided to release his wife, stubborn Eleanor of Aquitaine from prison. She got there because she tried to take off Henry and to expose his affair.

03. Night of the Generals

In 1942, in Warsaw occupied by Nazi, a prostitute is murdered. Major Grau needs to solve the case, a member of the Wehrmacht. Since investigations, the only indication that it fails to achieve is that the killer wore trousers with red piping – uniform element of German generals. The investigation takes us slowly through the massacre in Warsaw, the attempt to assassinate Hitler by some of his generals (the so-called “Night of the Generals”).

02. Becket

True story of friendship between King Henry II and Thomas à Becket, the present film is considered one of the masterpieces of the twentieth century. To solve the problems they have with the Church, Henry II (1154-1189) refused to receive a prelate from Rome and called his confidant, Thomas, who was a deacon, Archbishop of Canterbury, a function with a colossal importance, all the more as the cathedral of Canterbury is perpetrated kings of England. Old fellow of the glass, but also of escapades, the two men being so close to each other, find themselves faced.

01. Lawrence of Arabia

Based on a true story, the film presents the journey of one of the most controversial figures of the first half of the twentieth century, adventurer T.E. Lawrence, the British officer in his undertaking to unite the Arab tribes and to obtain independence from the Ottoman Empire during the First World War, as his way to becoming Lawrence of Arabia, as detained posterity. The film opens with his death in 1947, to return 30 years ago in Arabia.



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